Animated Gif Showing Valve OperationSEDCO is the largest manufacturer of Internal Pressure Relief Valves, or Bypass Valves for Hermetic Compressors (U.S. Standard for Safety, UL 984).

These valves are designed with a metal to metal seat, using a hardened ball. Each valve is 100% tested prior to shipment.

Air Conditioner Valves All of the valves for Hermetic Compressor Applications are U.L. Recognized and have passed the stringent Underwriters Laboratory Endurance Testing.

SEDCO can utilize existing valves or components to economically supply your need, or manufacture a valve specifically for your requirements. Numerous body styles and thread types are available for your convenience. And, we can work to match your precise application requirements for Open Pressure, Reseal Pressure, or Flow Rate.

SEDCO’s ball-style relief valve prevents air conditioning compressor and component damage by venting excessive high temperature discharge pressure directly on to a thermal overload which trips and prevents motor failure.