SEDCO valves can be found in numerous automotive systems. Descriptions can include: Check Valve, Dump Valve, Bypass Valve, and Pressure Relief Valve. They can be used in either hydraulic (liquid) or pneumatic (gaseous) systems. Located in the Engine or Transmission, or in the Braking, Steering or similar subsystems; SEDCO valves are the best solution to your most difficult demands.

Automotive valve operating pressures can vary greatly, depending on the system application. SEDCO valves are designed to work reliably from pressures as low as 10 psi (0.689 bar) to pressures over 3000 psi (206.843 bar); each valve design is custom engineered to meet the customer’s specific requirements for opening pressure. And, flow rates are optimized for each valve design.

Due to our diverse manufacturing capabilities, valves can be designed as stampings, forgings, or machined housings, all packaged to reduce costs, improve performance and increase reliability. Our engineers can reduce complexity of valve designs by assessing the application requirements, and relying on decades of experience we can recommend the best design solution. With over 600 million valves sold without a warranty claim, SEDCO can provide you with the right solution for your needs.