About Us

IATF CertSEDCO Division of Primore, Inc. is a manufacturing company, located in south-eastern Michigan, in the community of Adrian. Founded in 1956, SEDCO currently employs over 40 dedicated personnel. Manufacturing is housed in a 36,000 sq. ft. facility, with Sales and Engineering located in an adjacent office building.

SEDCO Division of Primore, Inc. has been assessed and conforms to: IATF 16949:2016 – FIRST EDITION.

We primarily focus on the design and manufacture of Pressure Relief Valves for two specific market applications:

1. Hermetic Compressors and Automotive Air Conditioning Systems
2. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems for Braking, Steering and other Vehicle Systems

We also manufacture valves for numerous pneumatic and hydraulic system applications. These can be safety critical components, or valves designed to improve system performance or longevity.

SEDCO has been the leader in PRV design, development and manufacture since the 1960’s. Over 600 million Pressure Relief Valves have been put into service since that time, with Zero Warranty returns. SEDCO has proven to be the true benchmark for quality, delivery and service in this market.

Not limited to Relief Valves only, SEDCO currently supplies regulator valves, flow control valves, thermal valves, dump valves, check valves and bypass valves for various applications. We are a premier manufacturer of precision assemblies, requiring 100% testing. This affords SEDCO the opportunity to pursue many high volume, high precision projects.

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